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Re: CE licensing a different problem

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If an engineer does not have the required SE recommendation to take the SE
exam, he/she can ask a review board set up by SEAOC (or it's local chapter)
to interview and make a determination as whether to allow the applicant to
take the exam.
I would think that the same can be done for Civils who lack similar
references. I do not believe that this relieves the applicant of the
responsiblity to have a reference from at least one engineer who has
reviewed your work and knows your ability.
I did something similar when I worked in Aerospace. We too hired an outside
engineer to work the project along side of us and to review the work that I
submitted to him. He then stamped by submittals. This engineer was qualified
as a reference, but I still needed a supervisor who was a CE to provide a
reference as well.
I'm not sure if I answered your question or not, but you may seek the advise
of your local ASCE, SEAOC or other licensing authority as to your options.

Dennis S. Wish PE