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Re: CE licensing a different problem

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Regarding 'plan stamping' and experience requirements:

What Dennis decribed is illegal in most states.

The new Director of the Florida Department of Professional Regulation is
taking a pro-active approach to unlicensed activity and has asked that
all involved in the building processes report unlicensed activity to the
DPR for prosecution (rather than a re-active approach wherein the DPR
waits for a 'harmed' individual to file a complaint or lawsuit).  'Plan
Stamping' is one area the DPR is taking very seriously.

Some states require only that the drawings be prepared under the
supervision of the P.E.  Others require the *direct* supervision of the
P.E.    *Direct* supervision usually is interpreted as 'day-to-day'
oversight and control of the drawing's preparation by a subordinate or
counterpart of the P.E. within the same organization.  Hiring a
consultant P.E. to review and sign the drawings would not be allowed -
no matter how extensive the review.

As for an engineer gaining experience for the P.E. exam,  again the
requirements vary from state to state.  One state in particular requires
that the 4 years of experience after college graduation be obtained
under the 'direct' supervision of a P.E.  In that state the experience
must be obtained under a P.E. who has hire/fire authority over the
intern engineer, or the P.E. and the intern work for the same individual
who has hire/fire authority over both of them.

I personnaly know of a very talented engineering intern who had worked
for a county agency for 6 years as the only engineer in the agency.  He
did most of the engineering, and hired consultants to help him when he
needed it.  When he applied to take the P.E. exam he was told 'none' of
the 6 years could be counted as experience because his boss was not a
P.E.   The county agency wanted the intern to get his license so they
offered to hire me as a consultant to be his mentor, but the state said
'No way.  The P.E. has to have hire/fire authority over the intern".  In
the end, this very talented engineer had to take a 4 year
'leave-of-absence' from his county job and I hired him as a direct
employee so he could gain the required experience.

Lewis C. Midlam

Christopher Wright wrote:
> >For
> >the most part our drawings do not have to be stamped by licensed
> >engineers, and when they do, we hire an Engineer to look over the
> design
> >and use his/her stamp.
> >[...]  Not once have I had a registered engineer change one of my
> designs.
> They probably do that for all the Johns.
> >I would appreciate any input you might have.
> My input is that you not do that in Minnesota. or Florida.  All us
> Minnesota and Florida PE's are legally bound to inform on you,
> especially
> now that people all over the world know about it.
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