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Re: CE licensing a different problem

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Steve Asselin wrote:

> I don't work with enough licensed Civil Engineers to meet the
> recommendation requirement ( I believe I require 4 registered Civil
> Engineers to basically testify that they are aware of my abilities and
> that I am qualified to take the test).

I believe that in California, you are allowed to get some of your references
by arranging with licensed engineers for individual 'reviews'.  Basically,
find a licensed engineer who is willing to spend some time interviewing you
and reviewing examples of past work.  Once they have seen and heard enough
to be confident that they can give a reasonable thumbs up or thumbs down,
they can fill out the forms as a reference, though they have to state that
their recommendation is based on a review, and not on a working
relationships.  I thought I heard of someone who once got their local plan
checker to be a reference.

Stan Johnson, PE  (Aren't those forms a real chore!  :o)