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RE: CA PE License!

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Could it be that Rice University approved your BS because they wanted your tuition??

Bill Allen

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From:	Swaminathan Krishnan [SMTP:SKRISHNAN(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Saturday, October 04, 1997 10:39 PM
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Subject:	CA PE License!

Hi All:

While on the topic of PE license, I wish to put forth an issue which I am
sure most
immigrants would have had to deal with. Last year I sent in my application
to sit for
the CA PE examination and my application was rejected on the following

I was awarded only 2 years of experience for my 4 year Bachelor's Degree
from the
Indian Institute of Technology Madras (which I am sure most of you would
as one of the premier institutes in the world) simply because it is not an
ABET accredited
institute. On the other hand I was given full credit for my M.S. degree
from Rice University.

Now if Rice University can recognize my undergrad degree and if BORPELS can
my MS degree from Rice shouldn't they give full credit for my Bachelors
degree? It seems
very unfair that inspite of having the same qualifications as one who has a
Bachelors from
a US University, I have to wait for 2 additional years to get my PE License
and hence 
2 additional years for my SE.

I am bringing this up to see what my fellow colleagues feel about this
issue and whether
there is anything that can be done in this regard.

Of course I am eligible to take the exam next April and hence it doesn't
affect me much,..
but I would certainly like to see this rule change in future for the up &
coming Engineers.
Also is there any way I can bring this up with the SE board to allow me to
take the
SE exam 2 years earlier considering that I have had to wait 2 additional
years to take
the PE exam.

-Swaminathan Krishnan