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RE: CE licensing a different problem

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From:	Dennis S. Wish PE [SMTP:wish(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Saturday, October 04, 1997 7:03 PM
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Subject:	RE: CE licensing a different problem

the end, this very talented engineer had to take a 4 year
'leave-of-absence' from his county job and I hired him as a 
employee so he could gain the required experience.
[Bill Allen]  
I had to do a similar "leave of absense" to obtain the necessary work reference.

I would agree with this. This is the reason I suggested that he 
contact his local licensing agency to see if he can be evaluated 
by a review committee to determine whether or not he can take 
the exam.
A local engineer out here took the exam last year and past. He 
could not have taken the exam if it were not for SEAOSC who had 
the engineer come to LA and sit before a committee or group of 
engineers who evaluated his qualifications. He was allowed to 
take the exam.
I also believe that BORPELS has a requirement that states that 
an SE can provide a reference based upon evaluation of the 
applicants work. I believe this is intended to allow an 
applicant to take the exam who does not have the required number 
of professionals practicing in his area.
[Bill Allen]  
So, Dennis, what would you think of a SEAOC committee reviewing your work so that you could use the title "structural engineer"? This sounds like a way for SEAOC to generate some income.

Bill Allen