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Re: CE licensing a different problem

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I think most private practice consulting firms do what you do.  As a
Principal of the firm, you might not be intimately involved in the
document preparation, but you are responsible for the supervision and
control of your firm and your employees and what they produce. 
Furthermore, by having only the Principals of the firm do the stamping
you maintain a full claim to ownership of the documents.  I believe that
in California the P.E. wet stamps the original, and if that's the case
and a subordinate stamps the drawings, then future revisions may be
difficult if that subordinate has left the firm.  (Here in Florida the
blueprints are stamped by embossing, so this isn't such a big issue).

The only time I've seen wet stamping by a non-Principal P.E. is when
employees are required to sign an employment contract that gives full
ownership of 'everything' to the company.  And even then the drawings
have may have to be redrawn if revisions are required and the P.E. is no
longer available.


Lew Midlam, P.E.

Lynn Howard wrote:

> I would like to bring up an issue that I have been considering for
> some time
> now, and that is the signing of plans of Principals of a company, when
> in
> reality there is no day to day direct supervision of the project
> "in-house".