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Re: CE licensing a different problem

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>I think most private practice consulting firms do what you do.  As a
>Principal of the firm, you might not be intimately involved in the
>document preparation, but you are responsible for the supervision and
>control of your firm and your employees and what they produce. 
>Furthermore, by having only the Principals of the firm do the stamping
>you maintain a full claim to ownership of the documents.  I believe that
>in California the P.E. wet stamps the original, and if that's the case
>and a subordinate stamps the drawings, then future revisions may be
>difficult if that subordinate has left the firm.  (Here in Florida the
>blueprints are stamped by embossing, so this isn't such a big issue).

Our policy is that if the project manager is licensed, he stamps the 
drawings.  Historically, we do a lot of work for government agencies such 
as Caltrans.  I Haven't had any problems with revisions stamped by 
employees no longer with us though.

Kevin McCune