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Re: CE licensing a different problem

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Lynn Howard wrote:

> ...
> I am interested in knowing if our practice is common among other firms or
> not.  Do other firms require the project engineers to sign and stamp
> drawings?  Do other Principals stay involved on all projects they are going
> to stamp on a daily basis?
> ...

In our firm, almost all of the plans are stamped by the head dude.

As to the question of oversight, I feel that part of this can be accomplished
through atmosphere, training, and policy.  Does the stamper give guidance as to
how he want things done?  Do those doing the bulk of the behind the scenes
understand what the stamper wants in the work.  How well do they keep him
informed on unusual conditions or difficult problems?

In a sense, the stamper can program his team like he programs a computer.

Stan Johnson, PE,  Batteries not included.  : )