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Re: CA PE License!

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Swaminathan Krishnan wrote:

> I was awarded only 2 years of experience for my 4 year Bachelor's Degree
> from the
> Indian Institute of Technology Madras (which I am sure most of you would
> recognize
> as one of the premier institutes in the world) simply because it is not an
> ABET accredited

Don't take this wrong but...

Indian Institute of  Technology Madras?  Never heard of it till now.  Doesn't
mean it's not a good school ... but I bet more Californians have heard of Hemet
JC than have heard of  Indian Institute of  Technology Madras.  Could just be a
symptom of American ignorance of what's goin on in the rest of the world.

Threee points...

1.  BORPELS is relying on ABET to weed out the wheat from the chaff, in order
to recognize your school.  In order to accept your school at full value I'd
imagine BORPELS would have to create and implement their own special
accreditation service.  That could be VERY expensive.

2.  Students at US schools, probably learn more in the way of contemporary US
engineering practices, regulations, and codes, than do most students at foreign

3.  If I had a degree from UCLA, Berkeley, or something like that, I would
rather hope that it would count for a lot if I moved to another country.  But I
would not be suprised if it lost some of its luster on the plane over.
Especially if the country I was going to had a very strong university system of
its own.

Stan Johnson, PE, but more importantly - BS from the great SAC STATE!  :o)