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Re: MASN - Allowable Shear

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>The solution for the sample question was as follows:
>	Fv=1.0*SQR(f'm/2)
>My interpretation of the code is:
>	Fv=[1.0*SQR(f'm)]/2
>Which is right?

The solution for the sample question is the correct interpretation of code
for uninspected masonry construction.  Think of a converse situation to
explain this rational:  if you had an f'm twice as high, you would NOT
simply multiply the original value of Fv by 2!  That would produce incorrect
results.  Therefore, it would be just as INCORRECT to devide Fv by 2 when
you have an f'm that is half as high as the original value.

With regard to anchor bolts and hardware, be sure to read the footnotes
under tables carefully... for example UBC table 21-E-1 allowable tension
values are for work WITH OR WITHOUT special inspection.  Hope this helps!

Best Regards,

Joe McCormick