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Re: chevron bracing frames

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Celso Mendoza wrote:

> Dave Anderson wrote:
> >
> > hi
> >   Is anyone knows  if the beam column connections hase to be
> >   moment connection or not
> > the UBC section 2211.8.4.1 for chevron bracing
> > #2 -states that the beam intersected by chevron braces shall be
> > conttinuous between column.
> > plus if there is no moment connection when you eleminate the braces
> > the structure become unstable because you have no moment connection at
> > the column base
> >
> > thanks for replay in advance
> >
> > D.A.  P.E.
> >
> Dear Dave,
> I think the analysis should be done in two stages. First design the
> frame with the brace on subjected to EQ. Then investigate the capacity
> of the frame considering that the braces have failed.
> Regards,
> Celso

Dear Celso
                    thanks for replay

               if you consider the capacity of the frame without bracing
              and moment connection btween the beam and column
              it will be unstable structure ,
              so you have to add momment connection or can we invistigate
              the cpacity of the beam alone not as frame, but as simple
              supported beam ?!

  D.A.      P.E.