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RE: CA PE License!

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> I was awarded only 2 years of experience for my 4 year 
> Bachelor's Degree from the
> Indian Institute of Technology Madras (which I am sure most of 
> you would recognize
> as one of the premier institutes in the world) simply because it 
> is not an ABET accredited
> institute. On the other hand I was given full credit for my M.S. 
> degree from Rice University.

For what it is worth, I was recently informed by someone from the
Institute of Structural Engineers (UK), who are probably equivalent
to SE's in the US, that their membership requirements are similar
to that of SE's registration.  They have an additional requirement that
the undergraduate degree should be from an accredited university.

According to this person, they accept undergraduate degrees from
several universities in the world besides the UK degees.  These are 
basically *most* ABET univs in the US, IIT's and a couple more from India
and similar ones from other countries.  Naturally, they have taken the
effort to evaluate degrees outside the UK.  This is probably because
they WANT to internationalise their membership.  Perhaps the US 
certification bodies are not interested in having international

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