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Re: Repair of reinforced concrete members.

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On Sun, 5 Oct 1997, Lew Midlam wrote:
> I'm not sure if you mean 'fill the patch area with epoxy' or 'apply a
> coating of epoxy to the exposed and cleaned bar or 'apply a coating of
> epoxy to the surface of the concrete patch'?

My mistake for improper wording of the query...

The most popular method that I have observed is to clean the rebars,
apply corrosion inhibitor on the surface of the bars, apply epoxy 
on the concrete patch, and then replace the excavated concrete with
polymer concrete with similar strength as the original.

This engineer (who probably speaks from many years of experience 
in this field) has expressed his apprehension that the presence of 
epoxy would make the concrete amenable to some change in volume.  
So, if the rebars corrode again in future, the tell-tale sign of 
surface cracks parallel to the rebars may not apper.  This will imply 
that the structure may deteriorate without any visual warning.
I have not seen any such apprehension in literature and was wondering
if there is any truth to this view. 

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