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Re: CA PE License!

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> Swaminathan Krishnan wrote:
> > I was awarded only 2 years of experience for my 4 year Bachelor's Degree
> > from the
> > Indian Institute of Technology Madras (which I am sure most of you would
> > recognize
> > as one of the premier institutes in the world) simply because it is not an
> > ABET accredited
> Don't take this wrong but...
> Indian Institute of  Technology Madras?  Never heard of it till now.  Doesn't
> mean it's not a good school ... but I bet more Californians have heard of Hemet
> JC than have heard of  Indian Institute of  Technology Madras.  Could just be a
> symptom of American ignorance of what's goin on in the rest of the world.

Stan, you got that right! I graduated from U of Waterloo in Canada and
most Canadian would know that school. But when I mentioned that to my
American co-workers or clients. They thought it is a school somewhere in 

Tom Chiu, SE