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RE: CA PE License!

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I think you should investigate further.  I know of several immigrant
engineers with very similar backgrounds to yours, and to my knowledge,
none has had any trouble qualifying to take the CA PE.  Has BORPELS
gotten stricter?

One question for you concerning one of the previous responses to your
query:  were you required to take the GRE engineering test to get into
Rice?  If so, that answers the ABET question as the perpose of this test
is to determine if applicants from non-ABET accredited engineering
programs, or those with non-engineering undergrad degrees are qualified
for the MS program in engineering. Besides, if you can successfully
complete the MS program, that should validate the undergrad program.

Incidentally, while working on my MS at UT, I had the pleasure to work
with several grad students who had done their undergrad work at the
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, and all were top students.  It
seems the Texas schools are able to figure out which foreign schools are
up to snuff.  I don't know why it's so difficult for CA?

Finally, consider yourself lucky you're not in Missouri.  I work with a
Taiwanese immigrant who got his MS from Iowa State, has over 15 years
experience in the US, licenses from several other states, including CA,
and still can't get a Missouri PE because he didn't graduate from an
ABET undergrad school.

Finally finally, am I the only one who thinks its ridiculous that CA
makes people jump through so many hoops, but will grant a CE license to
someone with as little as one year of practicle experience?

Tony Powers

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> From: 	Swaminathan Krishnan
> Sent: 	Saturday, October 04, 1997 10:38 PM
> To: 	seaoc(--nospam--at)
> Subject: 	CA PE License!
> Hi All:
> While on the topic of PE license, I wish to put forth an issue which I
> am
> sure most
> immigrants would have had to deal with. Last year I sent in my
> application
> to sit for
> the CA PE examination and my application was rejected on the following
> basis:
> I was awarded only 2 years of experience for my 4 year Bachelor's
> Degree
> from the
> Indian Institute of Technology Madras (which I am sure most of you
> would
> recognize
> as one of the premier institutes in the world) simply because it is
> not an
> ABET accredited
> institute. On the other hand I was given full credit for my M.S.
> degree
> from Rice University.
> Now if Rice University can recognize my undergrad degree and if
> recognize
> my MS degree from Rice shouldn't they give full credit for my
> Bachelors
> degree? It seems
> very unfair that inspite of having the same qualifications as one who
> has a
> Bachelors from
> a US University, I have to wait for 2 additional years to get my PE
> License
> and hence 
> 2 additional years for my SE.
> I am bringing this up to see what my fellow colleagues feel about this
> issue and whether
> there is anything that can be done in this regard.
> Of course I am eligible to take the exam next April and hence it
> doesn't
> affect me much,..
> but I would certainly like to see this rule change in future for the
> up &
> coming Engineers.
> Also is there any way I can bring this up with the SE board to allow
> me to
> take the
> SE exam 2 years earlier considering that I have had to wait 2
> additional
> years to take
> the PE exam.
> -Swaminathan Krishnan