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Re: Architects and Human Occupancy

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In a message dated 97-10-06 12:38:54 EDT, you write:

<<  If not, change the title to "Structural engineer
 specializing in hospitals, schools and buildings over 13 stories". >>

As a sidebar, the California State B&P code requires an SE for schools and
hospitals, and the planchecking of private schools. (This latter requirement
is in the Education Code).  However, there is no state requirement for SE's
to design highrises, seismic retrofits, etc.  So if you are a licensed CE and
are requested to show your SE license by a building department you should
call BORPELS and request a backup. Thats the good news.  (The bad news is
that the CA State attorney general has stated that seismic retrofits trigger
path of travel requirements for disabled access...)  

Tom VanDorpe, P.E.
VCA Engineers