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RE: welding rebar

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Actually, AWS D1.4-92 Table 5.1 shows E80 electrodes for A706 bars and
E90 for A615 Gr 60! However, your point about welding the bar to A36
plate is analogous to basing lap splice lengths for different size bars
on the smaller rather than the larger bar in a given splice - makes
sense to me, you can't develop more than the strength of the weaker

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> From: 	Chris Palmateer[SMTP:chrisp(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: 	Monday, October 06, 1997 12:41 PM
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> Subject: 	welding rebar
> I have a question with regard to the proper electrode to be utilized
> when 
> welding weldable rebar to an embed plate.  In the past (present for
> that 
> matter) we have always had in our specs that all welding was to be
> made with 
> E70 electrodes.  We recently received a plan check which stated that
> all 
> welding of A706 bars should utilize E80 electrodes.  This would seem
> to make 
> sense if the application was splicing rebar or something of that
> nature, but 
> if you are welding to an embed plate (usually A36 or A572, Gr. 50) is
> it 
> mandatory to use  E80 electrodes?
> Chris Palmateer