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RE: SE,CE ad nauseum

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I don't know how this would solve any problems with regards to e-mail traffic volume (if that is the concern). It certainly would help for those of us who file these e-mails into separate folders as Dennis Wish instigated.

Based on some of the comments posted here, it does appear that every state in the union has solved this problem except for the state with 30+ million residents, predominantly seismic zone 4 and has approximately four attorneys per street intersection. Therefore, this _is_ predominantly a CA issue. However, this list serve was started by SEAOSC (the best thing this organization has done IHMO) and has provided a great forum for an issue that is extremely significant to our livelihoods. I realize that our non-CA colleagues get quite a chuckle from this debate, but where else could we discuss the pros and cons of this issue? Besides, if we had this debate person-to-person, my good friend Dennis Wish and I would probably end up spitting at each other :o)

With regards to the topic itself, it should be obvious to all of those who have followed my comments on this topic the last several months that I feel that this is the single most important topic to practicing engineers in California. To capsulate, I have less of a problem with civil engineers doing structural engineering (particularly those of the caliber participating on this list serve) than I do with architects practicing structural engineering, the general public _thinking_ that architects provide structural engineering services and civil engineers with very little structural engineering experience being able to stamp and sign structural designs in seismic zone 4. I would prefer the discussion drift towards these areas, but I will participate no matter what direction this topic takes us.

So, if the proposal is to categorize the subject beginning with "SECE" fine by me, but let's turn it into something productive!!

Bill Allen

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Since this topic comes up over and over, I propose a new subject heading
"SECE" specifically for discussion of CE vs. SE issues, which are of great
importance only to our California colleagues.

Earl Conroy
E.C. Engineers