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I have a billboard with two flagpole type column supports.  The sign has 
about 450 square feet of surface about 20 feet up in the air.

1.  Does anyone have any recommended deflection criteria for billboards? 
 The sign I'm looking at will have people around it most of the time.  I 
think AASHTO has a code on it, but I can't find it right now.  I know you do 
not want the vibration to be perceptible in moderate winds (say 30 mph), yet 
probably will accept perceptable deflection for maximum wind (70 + mph).

2.  Does anyone have names & phone numbers & contact person for billboard 
sign manufacturers.  I can find flagpoles in Sweet's (10350), but not 
billboards.  I've heard that the flagpole supports are tapered partly 
because it damps out any potential resonance (variable moment of inertia = 
variable natural period) under wind loading.  I wanted to call and learn 


Steve Uthoff, S.E.