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At 06:11 PM 10/8/97 -0700, you wrote:
>At 12:34 PM 10/8/97 -0400, you wrote:
>><< Anyone have experience and/or comments about the ACI "MATS" software
>> program. They don't seem to offer a demo and I don't know how a guy's
>> supposed to lay out money without knowing more than the glowing
>> descriptions in the publications catalog.
>>  >>
>>Careful with MATS. The finite element used in this program to model the mat
>>behaviour has poor transverse shear properties, an important consideration
>>for mat analysis. A better bet would be SAFE from CSI. You might also
>>consider one of the better general purpose programs (SAP2000, GT-STRUDL,
>>RISA-3D, etc.).
>>Incidentally, I would never buy ANY software without a demo or at least a
>>money back guarantee. 
>>Earl Conroy 
>>E.C. Engineers

>You mean  PCA mats and ACI marketing the program
>is very good program I used  a lot very easy to use 
>very simple give you good results the only thing 
>it doesnot check the shear and punching shear which you have to do 
>by hand I do not know if SAFE or SAP200 does that but I guess
>have thirty days try if you don't like send it back
>from PCA  I used Adoss , OCA COLUMN and MATS very good support
>personal very knowldegeable honest plus very cheep
>compare to SAP200 OR SAFE I can desgin for you  a job 
>as contract foundation only after giving me the loads
>if you like
>D.A.  P.E.


With your spelling and lack of checking your message to the list,
I wouldn't give you anything to do.

Neil Moore, S.E.

Are you an S.E. or a C.E.?