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Re: gravel under slab on grade

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Thanks for the reply. 

Bill said: "Do you have a sample specification for the compaction of
granular material including a partial list of required equipment?" I assume
Bill was asking Mr. Turk this question and if so, I second the motion. 

Does simply weting down the sand over the course of several days prior to
the slab pour help. Keep in mind the sand I was referring to has been there
for a long time with a exisiitng slab over it. We are lowering the slab
about 6"

Speaking of salt, if the sand was beach sand would there be any concern
that salts could get past the vapor barrier and have an adverse effect on
the new slab?

>Try this experiment with a salt shaker:  Fill the salt shaker to the top
>with salt.  Take a small round dowel and try to compact the salt by pushing
>down on it.  Now tap the side of the salt shaker with your finger and watch
>the salt compact!

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