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RE: gravel under slab on grade

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Thanks for the reply.

Bill said: "Do you have a sample specification for the 
compaction of
granular material including a partial list of required 
equipment?" I assume
Bill was asking Mr. Turk this question and if so, I second the 

Does simply weting down the sand over the course of several days 
prior to
the slab pour help. Keep in mind the sand I was referring to has 
been there
for a long time with a exisiitng slab over it. We are lowering 
the slab
about 6"

The common method for compaction of native sand in my area has 
been to wet the sand for a few days prior to placing the slab. 
Local authorities require a compaction test on may of the lots 
where fill has been brought in but do not require it where 
native sand is built upon.
Wherever fill is added, rollers are used in our area to obtain 
suitable compaction and compaction tests are required.

Dennis S. Wish PE