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RE: PERS - Personal notes on the list

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-----Original Message-----
From:	Bill Cain, S.E. [SMTP:bcain(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Thursday, October 09, 1997 9:28 AM
To:	seaoc(--nospam--at)
Subject:	PERS - Personal notes on the list

At 00:06 10/9/97 -0400, CLaines(--nospam--at) wrote:
>You and Celso are clogging the list server with your personal 
notes. We don't
>appreciate it.


Please lighten up ;<).

My reading of the interchange revealed that an email address was 
wrong and
the list was the easiest way for them to resolve that. So be it! 
 While we
should all try to minimize personal traffic on the list I vote 
for using it
to connect with each other.  Part of that process is a few 
messages that
might not apply to me (although Bhima kind of carried that to an 
:<) ).


I agree with this. My comments were to try and eliminate 
personal conversations, not to stop anyone from initiating 
contact with someone. I have been informed that some members of 
the list may not be as knowledgeable with regards to saving 
names to an address book and creating new personal email 
Lets be patient and considerate on this issue, I did not mean to 
condemn anyone or create more debate than I already have.

Dennis S. Wish PE