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RE: Another Error in Phone Book

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>I would say that we ought to give Texas structurals an
>exemption to the California licensing laws.  Does everyone agree?
>Carl Sramek  : - )       
>Great idea, Carl.  Surely, to use Bill Allen's phrase, this would "raise the
>bar".  This assumes, of course, that Texas engineers would be willing to
>lower their fees and raise their liability in order to practice in
>California.  So, where should all the SEAoT members go to sign up?  Oops,
>better not answer that {;^>!
>BTW, in Texas, an engineer *must* seal his/her own work, whether or not
>he/she owns any part of the firm that employs him/her.  (Was political
>correctness invented by the guy who sells "/'s".)  Plan stamping is strictly
>forbidden, whether by an outside or inside reviewer.  Also, any firm offering
>engineering to the public must now employ a full-time, in-house PE in the
>applicable discipline. 
>Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
>Dallas, Texas 

The goal of every engineer is to retire
without getting blamed for a major catastrophe!
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