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Re: ST - Allowable stresses for steel tees

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B5 gives the criteria for sections to qualify as "compact" and
"non-compact" sections.  If you are using the tee as a flexural member and
the stem of the tee meets the "compact" section limit and the criteria of
F1.1 are met, then you would determine the allowable stress in accordance
with Section F1.1, or, if the stem of the tee exceeds the "compact" section
limit, but does not exceed the "non-compact", then the allowable stress
would be in accordance with (F1-5) providing all criteria are met.  [(F1-3)
applies to shapes with "non-compact" flanges, (F1-4) applies to built-up
members.]  If the stem of the tee is "slender," i.e., exceeds the
"non-compact" limit, then you have to go to Appendix B, or select a tee
with a "non-compact" or "compact" stem.

Refer to page 1-53 (AISC Manual).  If the tee tables show a Q(s), then the
section has a "slender" stem.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona