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RE: Automatic Reciprocity for Texans

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>So, we're all agreed, Texas structural engineers may practice in California
>without any additional licensing.  And, in return, they will not engage in
>low balling or plan stamping, thus raising the dignity of the profession in
>our state.
>Now for a hypothetical, but serious, question for all you Texans about plan
>stamping:  Say that 6 Flags Amusement Park wanted to purchase a roller
>coaster ride from a German company.  It is to be built in San Antonio, where
>a Texas engineering stamp is required.  The German company wants to hire a
>local engineer to stamp the design, but cannot because of the law forbidding
>plan stamping.  What does the German company do?
>Thanks.  Carl Sramek

This is an excellent question.  First, the Germans should hire a Texas
engineering firm to design (or redesign, or site-adapt) the roller
coaster.  It should be either a multi-discipline firm or a group of
firms, since the design will require MEP as well as structural.  The
design probably doesn't involve architecture, so the engineering firm
should be the prime professional.  Then, the Germans should hire that
firm or another Texas structural engineering firm to design (and seal)
the foundation system, based on a site-specific geotechnical

The point is that the Germans are not allowed to simply hire a local
engineer to review and seal their previously completed design.  The
project must be redrawn and respecified by an engineering firm that
employs full-time Texas PEs in each applicable discipline.  Please note,
however, that this firm does not need to be based in Texas.  The cost of
this "extra" engineering work must be borne by the Germans and,
hopefully, included in their price to Six Flags.

In actual practice, Six Flags tends to avoid purchasing turn-key rides.
They prefer to invent their own unique creations, and the detail design
work is done by local engineers.

Best Regards,

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
>Dallas, Texas