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RE: Another Error in Phone Book

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>Just out of curiosity, if an applicant in TX submitted his/her 20 typed pages
>of reference material satisfactory to the Board and was approved for the PE
>exam, although all twenty pages were in the area of civil-civil type work
>(non-structural), would he/she be able to prepare structural plans and

Regrettably, the answer is "yes".  However, every engineer is required
to limit their practice only to those areas where they are competent.
Competence is initially determined by the engineer, but might
subsequently be determined by the PE Board, or by a judge or a jury.  In
the latter cases, the burden is on the engineer to prove their
competence.  Also, it should be noted that a civil-civil registrant will
be listed in the Texas PE Roster as a "C", whereas a structural will be
listed as a "B".  There currently are 17 such designations.
>If so, and if TX had a seismic zone 4, would you expect/demand that those
>preparing plans and engineering for this situation be specially qualified
>over and above surveying, grading, hydraulics, traffic, etc?

Yes, I would demand it.  And my demand would carry just about as much
weight as those that I have seen posted on this listserv.  That is,
none.  My point is that you can only effect change by lobbying your PE
Board and your State Legislators.  Lobbying each other costs less, but
accomplishes little or nothing.  Unfortunately, most PE Boards are
dominated by civil-civils.  Like architects, they typically are brought
up to believe that they can do anything.

Perhaps the main reason that Texas engineers typically do not share the
frustration of our California brethren is that few (if any) of us have
anything to do with single family housing and wood framing except for
the Gulf Coast counties.  This is a beneficial result of our low
seismicity.  Thus, it follows that, if Texas was Seismic Zone 4, the
structural engineers would likely be frustrated. 

Have a Great Weekend,

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas (where football isn't important)