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Re: engineers and single family houses

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Does that mean that there aren't very many one man shops in VA?

Bill Allen
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Date: Saturday, October 11, 1997 7:00 AM
Subject: Re: engineers and single family houses

>In a message dated 97-10-10 Kevin McCune writes:
><< You are right in stating that a large number of CE's and SE's in Calif
> specialize in residential light frame construction.  I am curious what
> percentage of engineers do this type of work outside of CA.  Engineers
> other states please respond! :) >>
>Here in Virginia most residential light frame construction is "designed" by
>builders.  A plan and wall section usually means a permit.  The building
>officials do look for long spans, pile foundations or just plain wacky
>proposals and at their discretion, will require the builder to get an
>engineer involved.  A much smaller percentage of residential construction
>designed by architects.  Sometimes the architects will ask an engineer to
>help, usually if there is some complicated framing is involved.   In
>the building officials and architects are quite comfortable approving or
>designing using the prescriptive requirements of CABO, their own experience
>and rules of thumb, despite the fact that our local area will eventually be
>hit by a hurricane.  Hurricane ties are "de rigueur" at the roof level but
>fastening the second floor to the first with anything other than a sole
>is considered "special".
>To answer your question, not many structural engineers in VA specialize in
>light frame residential work.  I'd estimate that about 50% do some
>residential work.   The other half  just refer the work to those of us that
>are willing to do it.  In my practice it's probably 10% or less of my
>but I don't turn anything away.
>Jan Harris, PE
>Liberty Engineering, PC
>Virginia Beach, VA