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private school plan check and structural observation

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     Thanks to those of you that steered me to the CA education code sec
39160 at web site :

     My interpretation of this section is that since 1986 building
departments must have a " structural engineer " on staff if they perform the
plan check of a private school. 
     Would i be correct in assuming a dorm is exempt? Auditorium?
     This is not being done in my county as i was structural engineer on a
private school near Ojai last year and the local building department plan
checked this without a structural engineer on staff. I am sending a copy with
a letter to the local building official so he is aware of this law. I suspect
most building officials and plan checkers do not know of this law. It would
be nice if BORPELS would publish this in their quarterly newletter.
      Also,  section 39175 REQUIRES Structural Observation by the engineer of
record on private schools. This also is probably not being required by many
building officials. It is a misdemeanor to intentionally not comply ( Sec
     I would like to hear how this is handled in your area of CA. 

     Tom Harris, SE
     Thousand Oaks, CA