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Re: Another Error in Phone Book

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I'm glad to see more sugestions on how we can resolve the S.E./C.E. problem.
I hope SEAOSC notice these and do something. By the way, how does Seaosc or
Seaoc start a committee. If it has to be a worthwhile subject that will be
beneficial to the structural engineering community, I think this one
qualifies. Do they need a formal written request or can they just announce
the creation of one and ask those interested to call if they want to join. I
think it is important that SEAOSC get directly involved because they are our
link to the ultimate law making agency. It may take a while to get to the top
agency but its worth the wait. I know that most provisions of the UBC started
as committees of the SEAOSC/SEAOC such as the blue book(seismic
recommendations...., strength design of masonry, etc). I don't know if they
started a committee that ended up being adopted by the law making agencies
but if they haven't done it, now is the time to start.

All these suggestions could be the starting point of discussions of a
committee and I'm sure there will be more from non-members of this list
serve. Like Stan Caldwell said, lobbying our PE Board and State Legislators
will be our ultimate goal and if we have to hire a professional lobbyist to
get it done, let's do it.

I know that some of you are tired of reading this topic but I say let's keep
it going. But let us not stop at just discussing, let's do something about
it. Tell your fellow engineers, solicit their comments. We can even involve
the new graduate CE's and also the CE students. They may not have a stake in
this right now but what we are doing  now will be for their benefit also. If
a lot of people calls Seaosc, maybe they will  look into it and maybe start a
committee. For now let's keep it going.

Ernie Natividad