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Re: CE licensing a different problem

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In a message dated 97-10-08 12:35:01 EDT, you write:

Dennis Wish wrote:
<< Now, going one step further, if I don't intend to design buildings over
three stories and I have no intention (especially as a one man office) to
design schools and hospitals then the only reason for me to take the SE exam
is to impress people,  satisfy my own ego or because I am a masochist who
wants to punish myself for no good reason. >>
Carl Sramek wrote:

<<You would impress me a lot.  But how about a fourth reason: pride in 
Dennis Wish wrote:
<<Carl, with all due respect, pride in accomplishment is a personal goal that
has nothing to do with the ability to practice. I have a great deal of
respect for each engineer that passes the SE, but have the greatest pride in
accomplishment when I look at the buildings which I have designed and know
that the people who use them are safe.>>


Excellant.  We have established two things:  1. your projects give you a high
sense of accomplishment, and 2. you are allowed to design just about the same
things I am allowed to.  Now it seems you have one advantage over me:  you
save the cost of the S.E. registration.  May I suggest that you use part of
that cash savings as a contribution to Lynn Howard to help him pay for his
membership in SEAOC?

Carl Sramek  : - )