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Re: Automatic Reciprocity for Texans

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CarlS95(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Carl Sramek wrote:
> << Now for a hypothetical, but serious, question for all you Texans about
> plan stamping:  Say that 6 Flags Amusement Park wanted to purchase a roller
> coaster ride from a German company.  It is to be built in San Antonio, where
> a Texas engineering stamp is required.  The German company wants to hire a
> local engineer to stamp the design, but cannot because of the law forbidding
> plan stamping.  What does the German company do?>>
> Stan Caldwell responded:
> <<This is an excellent question.  First, the Germans should hire a Texas
> engineering firm to design (or redesign, or site-adapt) the roller coaster.
> [...]
> creations, and the detail design work is done by local engineers.>>
> Stan.
> I think we are moving into a grey area here that only the licensing board can
> clarify, but let me try continuing the logic.  Even though Six Flags (chosen
> [...]
> Based on your response, the German company would need to hire a company with
> a Texas license with three possible options:  1. design the structure; 2.
> redesign the structure; or 3. site-adapt the structure.  The U.S. company
> must redraw and respecify the entire project.
> The sanity of these options seems a little stretched.

Of course it does.  A much simpler solution would be for the German company to
obtain temporary or permanent registration for one of their engineers in Texas.
Then he (or she) could stamp the plans.  That approach would then be no different
than current practice among engineering companies all over the US that practice
in other states.