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Re: engineers and single family houses

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In Georgia, we only get involved in very upscale or complicated residences, or
sometimes with renovations to existing homes.  I don't particularly enjoy this
type of work, however, because the fees are often not enough to cover the
liability involved.  Besides, homeowners almost always seem to make the WORST

Sherman D. (Dan) Vines, EIT
Starzer & Ritchie, Inc.

Kevin McCune wrote:

> >Perhaps the main reason that Texas engineers typically do not share the
> >frustration of our California brethren is that few (if any) of us have
> >anything to do with single family housing and wood framing except for
> >the Gulf Coast counties.  This is a beneficial result of our low
> >seismicity.  Thus, it follows that, if Texas was Seismic Zone 4, the
> >structural engineers would likely be frustrated.
> >
> >Have a Great Weekend,
> >
> >Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
> Please clarify.  Are you saying that the majority of single family housing
> in Texas is not engineered by a licensed PE?  Are Architects doing the
> engineering or does the reduced seismic requirements relegate single family
> design to just conforming to the conventional construction provisions of
> the Code?
> You are right in stating that a large number of CE's and SE's in Calif
> specialize in residential light frame construction.  I am curious what
> percentage of engineers do this type of work outside of CA.  Engineers from
> other states please respond! :)
> Kevin McCune