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RE: engineers and single family houses

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>Please clarify.  Are you saying that the majority of single family housing 
>in Texas is not engineered by a licensed PE? 

Yes, that is what I am saying.  Except for hurricane wind design in the
Gulf Coast counties, engineers are rarely involved in the design of
houses.  The PE Act specifically exempts certain types of buildings,

1.	Private Dwellings

2.	One-story apartments with not more than 8 units/building.

3.	Two-story apartments with not more than 4 units/building.

4.	Residential garages.

5.	Private agricultural buildings.

>6.	Most one-story buildings with max. 5000 s.f. and 24 ft. spans. 

>Are Architects doing the engineering or does the reduced seismic requirements
>relegate single family design to just conforming to the conventional
>construction provisions of the Code?

Architects are involved in residential work, but they generally do not
practice engineering.  The prescriptive timber design requirements of
the applicable buildings codes are the order of the day.  In East Texas,
it's SBC.  Everywhere else, it's UBC.
Hope this helps,

Stan Caldwell, P.E.
>Dallas, Texas