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RE: Automatic Reciprocity for Texans

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>Carl Sramek wrote:
I think we are moving into a grey area here that only the licensing
>board can clarify, but let me try continuing the logic.  

I agree that this is a grey area.  If you would like to pose this
question directly to the Texas PE Board, they can be reached at:

Based on your response, the German company would need to hire a company
>with a Texas license with three possible options:  1. design the structure;
2. redesign the structure; or 3. site-adapt the structure.  The U.S.
>company must redraw and respecify the entire project.
>The sanity of these options seems a little stretched.  I would not like
Option 1, since I would trust the German company more than the Texas
>engineer since they are the experts in this type of structure.  In Option 2,
>this is totally redundant, and a huge waste of money.  I don't think it is
>appropriate to ask Six Flags to pay for this.  For Option 3, wouldn't this be
>the same as plan-stamping, since the design wasn't by the Texas engineer.

Upon review, my use of the term "site-adapt" in Option 3 is
inappropriate.  Replace Option 3 with Nigel's alternative.  In only a
year or so, the German firm can get one of their engineers licensed to
practice in Texas.
>Also, what would "redrawing and respecifying" entail?  Would it be
>satisfactory to take the AutoCad drawing details and transfer them to the
Texas company's letterhead, or does the Texas company have to manually
>redraw all details bit by bit.

Redrawing and respecifying means "doing it again".  In Texas, the EOR
must be directly responsible for the production of the work.  Changing
the titleblock on someone else's CADD files would clearly be in
violation of the law.  I don't know anyone who manually draws anything
any longer.  Didn't all the manual draftsmen die (or become welders) in
the late 1980's? ;^>
Stan Caldwell, P.E.
>Dallas, Texas