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IRREG - Plan Irregularities

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We're looking at a nominally 7 story structure
that is to be steel SMRF (using a proprietary
joint system).    We have a few questions on what
kind of special provisions we should be looking at
(suppose for the moment, that we don't have any
vertical irregularities per 16-L.)

Our plan is basically an L shape, with one leg
being a 180' by 180' square.  The other leg is
about 90' wide and sticks out 105' from the big
square.  Current plans call for the moment frames
to be on the four edges of the big square.

Do we need to do a dynamic analysis of the

Do we need to follow 1631.2.9 Items 6 and 7?    If
you look at Table 16-M Item 2 it says:

Plan configurations of a structure AND its lateral

force-resisting system contain reentrant

Now, if you look at a plan of the building, we
have a reentrant corner, however, if you look at
just the plan of our frames, we have a nice
squarish configuration (and none of the frame are
located out on the projecting wing).

Stan Johnson, PE
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