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RE: Automatic Reciprocity for Texans

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Harold Sprague wrote:
>We have been dealing in a fairly vague example for Texas (i.e.: a Six
>Flags ride).  In the real world, what does Butler or Varco-Pruden do for
>a metal building in Texas?
>I would feel much more comfortable with a significant portion of the
>design done by the metal building manufacturer.  In projects that I have
>been involved with from Florida to California, the engineering on the
>superstructure of a prefab metal building was performed by the
>manufacturer.  By the way, we go to great lengths to prequalify the
>metal building manufacturer and list the basic design parameters.
In Texas, we have a lot of "pre-engineered" metal buildings.  They
primarily serve as tornado magnets in areas where there are insufficient
quantities of mobile homes. {;^>

Butler, Varco-Pruden, and their competitors all have Texas PEs on their
staffs.  They detail design of the metal building is prepared and sealed
by these individuals.  The consulting structural engineer on projects
involving metal buildings typically 1) prepares a "performance" set of
drawings and specifications, 2) designs the foundations, and 3)
coordinates the geometry at the structure/foundation interface.

Feel better now?

Stan Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas