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Re: SE requirements

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Bill Sherman asks for a legal basis for challenging a local building
department that requires an SE for high rises,or other types of designs, and
refuses to accept the work of a CE as a matter of local ordinance or policy.
(The same issue would be insistance on a GE in lieu of a CE or SE when a
soil situation is involved.) 

I recall seeing recently a Calif Attorney General Opinion that dealt with
exactly this concern. I believe it said in effect that no local government
may narrow the privileges granted by state law to the holder of a
state-issued license.

The Board of Registration should be able to answer this concern. The e-mail
address for their Executive Officer is:  Cindi_Christenson@  This
has been a recurring item of discussion at BORPELS, where the interests of
the big consulting firms are seen to hold sway over all else. The LA
ordinance is an affront to them.

Perhaps Atty Gen opinions are also on a web site. The opinion itself should
be obtained by some means.

I've heard it said that local agency restrictions are explained away as
merely invoking Board Rule 415 on practice within one's own personal area of
competence. They appear to presume lack of competence from lack of a SE or
GE title. The burden of showing otherwise then shifts to the CE whose work
it is. The submitted work itself ought to be taken as that showing,
according to the outcome of the agency's review of it after a CE stamp gets
it in the door.     

Please post the Atty Gen Opinion, whoever finds it.

Chuck Greenlaw, SE, Sacramento CA