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Re: Automatic Reciprocity for Texans

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Caldwell, Stan wrote:

> >
> >> The sanity of these options seems a little stretched.
> >
> >Of course it does.  A much simpler solution would be for the German company
> >to obtain temporary or permanent registration for one of their engineers in
> >Texas.  Then he (or she) could stamp the plans.  That approach would then be
> >no different than current practice among engineering companies all over the
> >US that practice in other states.
> >
> Nigel:
> Your solution is fine, except:
> 1.      There no longer is any such thing as temporary licensing in Texas.

Well, then, I suppose they'd have to go for permanent licensing.

> 2.      The German company needs to plan ahead.  It will take them about a
> year to go through the process to get one of their engineers licensed in
> Texas.

Hmm.  It does seem like the process could be streamlined a *little*, so that they
could obtain a license in, say, six months.

In any case, doesn't anyone planning a project in a venue he or she doesn't know
have to inquire about the technicalities of performing engineering work there,
whether it's in another state or another country?  Projects like this don't
happen overnight, they take time, and I would expect a competent firm to make
those kinds of inquiries right at the point where such a project starts to look
like a strong possibility.

But then I've never worked as a licensed engineer outside of the state I live in,
so what do I know? <grin>

> Hope this helps,

We'll only know when we see what others say;-)