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RE: engineers and single family houses

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What I don't understand is that in most cases, lateral design 
for residential building are governed by wind and not seismic 
(unless it as a massive heavy tiled roof or is of brick design 
like the mid-west). Texas as with most of the Midwest and 
pan-handle states are subject to heavy wind loads which will do 
equally as much damage as an earthquake.
Being outside of seismic zone 4 should not eliminate the need 
for engineering design or at least design based upon analysis by 
a competent architect or engineer.
I know that on the west coast "Conventional framing" tended to 
govern over the years and engineered plans were the exception to 
the rule. I would think that with east coast hurricanes and 
Midwestern tornado's and the historic extent of damage that a 
properly designed wood structure for residential use would be of 
greater concern - if only for the increased rise of property 
values since the early seventies. There is more financial risk 
than ever before.
This may not have been a valid justification for engineered 
plans in the past, however, the insurance industry believes it 
to be the emphasis for improved standards in the last few years.

Dennis Wish PE