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RE: Plan Stamping

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>When we had this discussion we were discussing the legality of 
>an engineer stamping a set of drawings which were not prepared 
>in his establishment or under direct supervision. What I forgot 
>at the time (and have seen in other posts) is that this is 
>commonly done with steel buildings such as those designed by 
>Heritage Building Systems in Arkansaw. These buildings (like 
>Butler type structures) are shipped all over the United states 
>and are are stamped by some engineer in California (or any other 
>state) who reviews the plans and then stamps them.
>The same holds true for manufactured wood trusses which are 
>often calculated in Boulder Colorado and shipped to a California 
>licensed engineer for review and final stamping.
>This is obviously considered a standard practice, but is it in 
>keeping with our state laws?
>Dennis Wish PE
Not in Texas!  Actually, I would be surprised if this was legal anywhere
outside of California.  BTW, you're probably now due for a tax audit as
a result of your spelling of Hillary's home state {;^>!

Stan Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas