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Re[2]: engineers and single family houses

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     Who is accountable in the second scenario?

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Subject: RE: engineers and single family houses  
Author:  <seaoc(--nospam--at) > at corp-internet-burbank
Date:    10/13/97 5:25 PM

>     This is my understanding of Texas law; correct me if I am wrong: 
     A PE engineers a residential structure for an architect.  The PE
>         provides calculations and completely details the structure with
>          sketches.  The architect prepares the drawings and the PE stamps 
>     drawings after a thorough review and backcheck.  This is considered 
>     illegal plan stamping.
>     Another architect prepares residential plans without imput from a PE 
>     and a contractor builds the structure based on UBC Conventional 
>     provisions, or some other standard.  This is not illegal, and in fact, 
>     encouraged.
>     How are the Texas laws better than those in California where the 
>     majority of this type of structure is engineered by a PE?
>     Ken Agee, S.E.
Your statements above are correct.  The first paragraph describes an 
illegal activity, and the second does not.  I don't recall stating that 
the Texas laws are better, but they certainly are different.  I think the 
purpose of the Texas laws are to hold the engineer fully accountable for 
his/her own work, but not for the work of others.
Hope this helps ... Stan Caldwell in Dallas