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RE: engineers and single family houses

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Ken Agee wrote: 
> This is my understanding of Texas law; correct me if I am wrong: 
> A PE engineers a residential structure for an architect.  The PE 
> provides calculations and completely details the structure with 
> sketches.  The architect prepares the drawings and the PE stamps 
> the drawings after a thorough review and backcheck.  This is considered  
> illegal plan stamping. 
> Another architect prepares residential plans without input from a PE  
> and a contractor builds the structure based on UBC Conventional  
> provisions, or some other standard.  This is not illegal, and in fact,  
> encouraged. 
Stan Caldwell responded: 
> Your statements above are correct.  The first paragraph describes an 
> illegal activity, and the second does not.   
Stan, how do you interpret the first activity as illegal?  If the PE has his 
own engineering business and is licensed in Texas, then in effect the 
architect has hired the engineering business to perform the design.  If the 
engineer provides sketches to the architect and backchecks the drafting, then 
in effect the engineer has contracted for drafting services but has not given 
up engineering control.  I don't see the illegality here. 
I haven't read Texas Senate Bill 623, but the September Texas PE Newsletter 
does not appear to describe why the first item above would be illegal.