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UBC94 R/C seismic shearwall boundary element requirements

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I am curious as to the reasoning behind the BE detailing requirements set
forth in 
UBC94 Section 1921. (page 2-243).

Why the 1:3 ratio?  Is this requirement necessary if additional crossties
are used to secure the vertical bars not in the corners of the overlapping
hoops?  Also, what type of lapping requirements should be implemented? 
Could the hooked bar development length requirements of UBC94 Section
1921.5.4.1 be used, or are these overly conservative?  Finally, does anyone
have any comment on the effectiveness of overlapped hoops compared to
continuous horizontal rebar?  If sufficient lapping of the hoops is in
place, could the two (i.e. overalapped hoops, continuous horizontal rebar)
be expected to behave in the same manner?