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Single Family Residence Plans & Construction

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I have provided a set of plans for a waterfront home in Huntington Beach.  The 
framer called in for a roofing inspection and the inspector denied the request 
because the framer had used plywood panels less than 24" wide w/o blocking 
(rightly so) along both sides of the ridge.  The Inspector told the framer 
that if he could get written approval from the engineer he would buy it off.  
Well I did not give him the approval beacuse it is explicitly stated in the 
code that the plywood panels shall be 24" wide minimum w/o blocking in seismic 
zones 3 & 4.  I told him that he would have to block the minimum width panels. 
 At his point he became irate and wanted to know how he should have known that 
this was a diaphragm roof.  And hence the question.  I did not explicitly 
state on the plans that this was a diaphragm roof.  The basic reason was that 
why could it be anything other than.  The nailing was explicitly stated etc.. 
The shear walls were also stated via shear wall table.  I was wondering if 
anyone out there a) explicity states that this is a roof diaphragm on the 
drawing and b)  If any one is designing single family resisdences in So. Ca 
w/o roof diaphragms.