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Re: SS - Ply Metal Driller Screws - need some help!

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The wings are supposed to "break away" when they reach the steel.



Lew Midlam, P.E.

Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:
> I have specified a #10 Ply-Metal Driller (10-16 x 5/8" and 10-16
> x 3/4") for installation of a plywood shear wall to 16 gauge
> steel studs. The Ply-metal driller is suppose to drill through
> the plywood and then enlarge the hole in the plywood so that the
> plywood is pulled tight to the steel stud. I was under the
> impression that the wings which enlarge the plywood hole are
> located on the shank below the flat head. A similar screw from
> Cal-Fastener is called a "Floor-board" screw.
> The contractor called me to inform me that the wings are located
> at the end of the screw and enlarge the steel stud hole as well.
> This does not make sense to me since the screw no longer holds
> in the stud since the wings are slightly wider than the threads.
> I suspect that he is using the wrong screw.  All of the
> materials of these homes are supplied from a company called
> Steelers who are located near Seattle. The boxes of material
> that were sent to the job site do not specify the manufacter of
> the screws so I have no numbers to track from.
> Can anyone shed some light on this matter. I need to specify a
> #10 self-tapping screw x 5/8" long for 3/8" plywood and 3/4"
> long for 15/32" plywood. They should be course thread (16
> threads per inch) and I would prefer to have the "cut wings" at
> the shank to insure that the plywood is pulled tight to the
> steel stud.
> Please let me know if any of you have some experience with the
> Ply-metal Drillers and can confirm or help me with this problem.
> Thank you,
> Dennis Wish PE
> wish(--nospam--at)

Lewis C. Midlam