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RE: Single Family Residence Plans & Construction

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I specifically call all roof's diaphragms since I consider all 
of the residences to transfer shear through the roof sheathing 
to the shear walls. I also specify floor sheathing as a floor 
diaphragm for the very same reason.

This brings up an interesting point. As I mentioned in my posts 
on residential construction - would you expect this contractor 
to build a home based upon "Conventional framing standards" in 
section 2326 of the UBC if he does not know enough to understand 
that Section 2326.12.9 Roof Sheathing states:

" Roof sheathing shall be in accordance with Tables 23-I-S-1 and 
23-I-S-2 for wood structural panels......"

Moving to table 23-I-S-1 and picking up on the footnote #1 in 
the title of the page:

"1. Applies to panels 24-inches (610mm) or wider."

We have a contractor that the code allows to build based upon 
conventional framing standards but who does not understand the 
definition of a diaphragm or has probably never read the code 
that he is expected to build from.

There is something wrong with a code that assumes compliance by 
a knowledgable builder but makes no provisions to insure that 
the builder even understands what is written. This is a "protect 
the building official" type code. You all know what I mean - 
"Ignorance is no excuse" protection that does little for the 
future owner of the home.

Dennis Wish PE