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RE: CE/SE/residential construction/Texas PE laws/etc.

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Bill Sherman wrote:
"Regarding residential construction, Texas appears to exclude 
all private
dwellings from PE requirements whereas the California Business 
and Professions
Code (section 5537) allows unlicensed design of "single-family 
dwellings of
wood-framed construction not more than two stories and basement 
in height".
(Some other apartment building types are also excluded.)  So it 
looks like
most conventional homes in California are also exempt from PE 
design? "

Yes, but the homes must be constructed in accordance with 
section 2326 of the 1994 UBC under the section title 
Conventional framing. As I have stated many times, the 1994 code 
has expanded this definition to allow irregular shaped 
structures up to 3 stories. There are a lot of loop-holes in 
this code that are counter-productive to the damage mitigation 
and new construction requirements listed in the same code.
See my other posts for more information.

Dennis Wish PE