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Re: SE requirements

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On 10/13 I wrote that I'd seen a Calif Atty Gen Opinion that said that no
local government may narrow the privileges granted by state law to the
holder of a state-issued license.

A friend informs me that I'm mistaken as to the source; it was a legal
opinion by the Dept of Consumer Affairs staff counsel to their client, the
Board of Registration, circa 1992.  Sorry if a snipe hunt resulted.

This DCA opinion reportedly affirmed the privilege of CE's to do
Geotechnical Engineering, in a controversy where a local jurisdiction was
refusing to review work submitted by a CE.  Unfortunately DCA legal opinions
often cater to the perceived desires of the party that asked for the
opinion, and are apt to be resubmitted bearing opposite outcomes if the
first version is disfavored. (I've seen this several times and been told of
it by a former DCA staff atty.) Their usefulness to others is thus limited.  

The PE Act "grants privileges" to civil engineers by defining civil
engineering in sec 6731 (by broadly enumerating its activities) and then by
prohibiting the practice of that work by persons not registered.(sec 6704,
6730, 6734.) In sec 6731.1 and following, some additional privileges are
more explicitly granted. Other state laws outside the PE Act, as posted by
others, do restrict certain types of projects to SE's, and as is
traditional, to architects.

Chuck Greenlaw, SE, Sacramento.