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RE: Continuing Professional Development

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As a nurse, my wife must complete a certain number of CEU's 
during each licening period. The majority of these are offered 
as mail courses. The work is not taxing and she need only read 
the material and answer questions to send back that reflect that 
she understood the materials.
Class attendance is not a feasibility for many who are outside 
major area's that make travel difficult.
SEA has a great opportunity to take their mini-seminars and turn 
them into video courses with hand book and to sell them with a 
questionair that needs to be returned. Although this is not a 
guarantee that the person obtaining the materials won't have 
someone else complete it for them. Personally, how many of you 
would spend $50.00 to $100.00 on CEU material and cheat. I 
believe that only a small percentage would do this. I really 
think that most of you, like I, would study the material since 
the subject matter interests us. We learn something from it and 
satisfy licensing requirements at the same time. HOW SIMPLE.

I have asked SEAOSC over four years ago to start taping 
seminiars and to set up library facilities (possibly in many 
colleges) where engineers have the ability, at their leasure, to 
check the materials out and to view them. I had hoped that 
SEAOSC would establish a geographical station point so engineers 
did not have to travel more than fifty or sixty miles to get to 
a source of seminar tapes and notes.

What an opportunity - and SEAOC claims to be in financial 
distress? All they need is some good marketing people.

Dennis Wish PE